Monday, 3 January 2011

Thanks everyone!

I've just sneaked a look at this blog after being out for most of the day, and WOW I now have 11 followers! - THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Now I can't back down and forget all about keeping it updated!

I was thinking about my stiching motto today while I was chatting to friends - I came up with my 2 favourites - "I stitch, therefore I am" and "Cross stitch forever, housework when visitors are coming!"
What's yours? Post me a comment & let me know?

I've decided also to stitch for a week on a project, and then move on to the next, posting my progress at the end of each week.
So this week I'm concentrating on my egyptian piece, and next week I'll work on the stocking. So keep your eyes open for more progress. I'm not going to start another piece until I'm at least half way through each of those.

Good night and thanks again

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