Thursday, 30 August 2012

Long time - no show! And my WIPocalypse entry!

Hi again everyone! Do you have days go by (or weeks even) and then when you look back you can't remember where that time went? Well that's what life has been like recently!

My cross stitch took a back seat - and I still don't really know where my stitchy mojo is? I do a few bits now and then, but the idea of picking up and stitching for hours? No way!! Still I don't feel like doing any stitching - so what's the point of pushing myself? I know we all have times when we don't want to even look at a needle - mine usually involves repairs - but it feels good right now not be beating myself up about it.

My little grand-daughter's birthday was last week, (you may remember me mentioning how hard I was working for it). Her parents had the birthday party in a local children's play centre - with play equipment, ball park and food included. Two hours in total including the food. And of course all the presents were taken home to be opened AFTER the event - so I didn't get to see their faces when they opened my presents :((

Still - finally I can post about ALL the goodies I had made for her!

1. That quilt eventually got handed over. My daughter just sent a text with the word - AMAZING so I think they were delighted with it. As they're talking about putting Jess in a bed soon it couldn't have been better timewise!

2. My Wordle cross stitch picture.

3. I made 6 blank t-shirts into works of art!

Four of them had machine embroidered motifs on them and the other two had applique motifs sewn on. I cut the bits out using my Slice then sewed them onto the shirts. I didn't realise just how difficult it is to find blank t-shirts for kids these days - most of them appear to already have some form of decoration on the. If anyone knows of a good source of BLANK t-shirts - I'd love to know about it.

4. A Hungry caterpillar! Jess already has the book which she loves at bedtime - so I decided to make up her very own story sack to go with it. 

The body was made with circles of fabric, which I lightly stuffed and then joined with velcro - so she can made him as long or as short as she likes! A friend gave me some fabric which had some of the "food" which the caterpillar eats - so again I lightly stuffed those. Then with all the other things I cut out felt shapes, embroidered their name on the front, stuffed and finally made 2 bags - one for the "food" and another for her to put everything into! It was fabulous - even if I say so myself!

5. A Knitted zip-up jacket.

Right - off to play computers! DH has been digitizing old photos and it's down to me to sort it out into something resembling order, otherwise he won't be able to find them again! He's spent most of the afternoon running them through a scanner onto an SD card - now I've got that fun job!

Take care everyone - til next time

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just a quickie...

to let everyone know I'm still alive!

But I've been busy working on bits and pieces for my Granddaughter's second birthday. Now that her mum is back online, I'll have to be more careful what I post, so I'll have to put up the photos of her gifts AFTER her birthday! Those that are up - well I'll just have to cross my fingers!

I've been busy on the ebook front too, as two friends have just bought Kindles and I've been helping them get to grips with getting books on them etc. And we finally took delivery of a new PC so I've been spending more time setting things up.

Anyway, if you can wait for about 10 days I'll get photos up, and we can celebrate Jessica's birthday again!

Remember I told you that my son-in-law had been made redundant? Well he's got a new job working in the same field for Sony Entertainment Corp, based in Cambridge. And they've used his redundancy cash to sort out their finances, so they're really happy at present.

We were going to try and get away on holiday in September, but having bought that new PC we decided not to. So we're treating ourselves to another cruise in Feb 2013. We're going back to Hawaii - sun, sea and a relaxing time.

Until next time
take care