Saturday, 7 January 2012

WIPocalypse post 1

Well, the New Year has started and I almost forgot to post my WIPocalypse pics. On the page dedicated to it I have listed what I'm going to work on (as of now) although the list may be added to as the year goes on - the rules allow for that. And how many of us stick to JUST what we decide at the beginning of the year? There's always that last minute gift - or the must-do pattern that we see in a magazine that we decide to slip in! And Measi has kindly said that other crafts can be included too, so I can see my list growing and growing!
So here are the projects as they stand TODAY - Jan 7th at 17.00.

Rose fairy - for my quilt. (I'll add a pic of the quilt soon as I've got most of the panel complete - just need to finish this to complete the whole panel before I add the borders). It's been hard to do any of this over the winter as the light has been so bad this year, so there's not been any progress at all on this!

Egypt - for some reason Blogger has turned this pic - and I can't get it to turn back!!! I'm on the fiddly bits now as each section on either side has plenty of colour changes and LOADS of backstitch - especially those pesky heiroglyphs! You can tell I've been doing a few stitches on this recently because of the Q-snap marks!

This is my longest UFO that I started way back when! It's a blackwork fan design from New Stitches magazine issue 70. Bearing in mind that this months' mag is issue 224 - you can see how long it's been sat around! I think I started it for our 25th anniversary but gave it up in favour of a different project!

Cheetah and Daisy (Hummel) are yet to be started, but they will be next on my list to complete (I think!) As you can see they are both supplied with Aida. As the cheetah is totally covered I think I'll work on that fabric, but I may have to change the Daisy as I think an evenweave will look better as a cushion front.

Another suggestion - do drop by my books page. I've posted my first review of the year. See if it's something you fancy?

Thanks for reading
Talk soon
Sandie XXX