Friday, 2 August 2013

After the holiday!

Finally caught up with everything after our holiday in July. We took off for just over 2 weeks in Austria - at our fabulous home from home! Appartement Sonnenschein in Laubichel, near Mayrhofen is the most wonderful, restful place we can imagine going to. I'm sure that others have their favourite places - but this is somewhere we have been to 8 times already. This year we took 3 days to drive down to Austria, because both DH and I can only take being in the car for so many hours at a time (especially when you spend hours in traffic jams!)

This is the view of the house from the local cable car and this is the view from our balcony of the village of Mayrhofen - about 10 minutes walk away. (It's also a chance to show off what my new camera does - this colour popping setting allows you to chose a colour and the rest of the photo is black and white!)

Twice a day a narrow gauge steam railway passes by taking tourists (mainly) into Mayrhofen.

And I spent a lot of time, just sitting on our balcony, watching the world pass by, while stitching my Joan Elliott calendar cross stitch. When we left to go on holiday I had only 5 months completed and one more half-done; by the time we got home I had 7 months done and another one started. Here is the piece as it stands today.
Pretty good going eh?

I opened the latest issue of Cross Stitch Crazy the other day and there was a pattern for someone's first day at school in the subscriber pages. Now my dear Jessica is starting Nursery School in September, so I decided to adapt the pattern to make it into a card for her. And that's another finish! Just got to sort out a card to put it on!

When we went up there before our holiday to see them my daughter had been talking about decorating Jess's room - not in childish prints, but something which might last her for a few years. She asked for my help, and I suggested some bunting to go round the room. I got hold of a pack of charm squares in my local needlework shop and made up the bunting for her. It needed something to finish it off, so I made four padded hearts - the small ones I've put on the line of bunting, and the larger ones are to hang from the ends when her dad gets round to hanging it! 

We're going up there tomorrow, hopefully if this hot weather stays we can take a trip to the park and wear her out!

I've even made a few mini lemon cupcakes to take with us! In this heat too! Mind you I did buy a mini cupcake maker from our local Aldi store so it didn't take too much effort!

Be careful in the sun 
'Til next time