Saturday, 2 August 2014

Remember me?

Hi everyone!
Yes, I'm still here, struggling on with daily life. Those health issues I mentioned way back in March caught up with me, and I've spent the last few months basically doing just enough to get by with life - cooking, washing, dusting etc. Stitching and craft took a back seat for most of that time, but over the last few weeks I've felt more like my old self again, so maybe I can get back to this blogging thing again (I promise I'll try!)

There are probably all sorts of things I could catch you up with, but maybe I'll just start now, and rather than overwhelm you with photos and a long post, I'll introduce things gradually eh?

Last month we went on holiday - back to AUSTRIA - our most favourite place in Europe - staying at the Sonnenschein in Mayrhofen. We took a friend with us who lost her husband a couple of years ago, and he had always wanted to revisit Austria, so his widow really enjoyed being there. The apartment house was able to let us have 2 small separate apartments, so we were not living on top of each other 24/7. We all came back fully refreshed and ready for life - and none of us had put on weight in spite of indulging in beers, hot chocolate with cream topping and cream cakes! (And that's always a bonus!)

While we were there I stitched my first item on perforated paper. It's designed by Brooke Nolan and is her Gretel the Gingerbread angel.
 Sorry about the quality of the photo! 

I also stitched this piece - the design actually had the Swiss flag on it, but I changed it for the Austrian one!

Now I'm working on a Hummel piece, but as it's a gift I won't add it here as who knows - the recipient might be reading this!!

My best friend's daughter is expecting her second baby in about 2 weeks, and I have a small sampler ready to add the baby's details on as soon as I hear. So next time I can probably include that one.

Next time I'll drop in a few photos of cards I've made with my new ScanNCut machine - so far I haven't tried it out with fabric, but I'll post some of the cards I've done.
Until then
take care