Saturday, 1 January 2011

My first blog!!

I should start this blog by introducing myself - sounds reasonable eh?

My name is Sandie, although I go by the name of Tigermum on several boards and groups I belong to. I've been married to my DH (Mike) for 36 years next February, and all that time we've lived in the same house. I recently celebrated my 60th birthday.

My daughter (Erika) and her husband (Tony) presented us with our first grand daughter (Jessica) in August, and I am rapidly becoming besotted with her!

My Background?When I left college I started working in public and school libraries. That's all I've ever done all my working life (apart from brief spells as a cleaner and a bar person when Erika was pre-school). I worked in London, Ipswich and Colchester, mainly in schools, but the later part of my work was spent with people with disabilities - a field I thoroughly enjoyed as I realy felt I was making a difference to people's lives.

My Interests?
  • Reading - well it had to be didn't it? Although I still borrow things from my local public library, I've discovered the joys of my Sony e-Reader - the thrill of taking 300+ books on holiday with me never leaves me!
  • Cross stitch - I started when Erika was born and apart from a few periods when my mojo deserted me, I've never stopped! I've even designed samplers and pictures for work colleagues which I persuaded others to stitch along with me - one piece was worked on by over 30 people!
  • Sewing - my parents were both employed in a Shirt Manufacturer's so maybe sewing machines are in my blood? A couple of years ago I bought a Bernina 630, complete with the embroidery module. Now I need more hours in the day to use it to its full advantage!
  • Papercrafts - I make all of my own cards for family and friends, using PC and sometimes my CraftRobo. I've recently started to scrapbook - inspired perhaps by my family and our travels.
  • Travel - although Mike and I had holidays while we were working, since we've retired we've become more adventurous! In the last two years we've been on four cruises (Auckland to Sydney; Singapore to Sydney; LA and around the Hawaiian Islands and the Western Med), Germany, Austria (my FAVOURITE country), Devon, and other places too.
  • Photography - I now have 2 cameras! A Fuji HS10 which is fabulous and a pocket Panasonic TZ-7. So I'll have NO excuse for NOT taking photos of my finshed projects in future. I find I'm soooo bad about documenting what I've done! Many things I've done and given away before I realise that I didn't take a picture - maybe this blog will help me with that ambition too?
And now??
Well I'm about to start on this - my first blog. Although I've never religiously filled in a diary, I'm going to try and do this as regularly as I can. It will be a record of all the things I accomplish during the year (and maybe a few that fall by the wayside?). I'll also post photos of SOME of my activities!!

Thanks for reading!


Knella said...

Great blog, Sandie! If you can do it, maybe I'll give it a try!


Sandie said...

Come on in - the water's fine!
Seriously if I can do this - anyone can.
Good luck with yours