Saturday, 8 January 2011


Hi everyone - hope your week has been as productive as mine?
I've decided that I will do a week's work on each of my 2 main pieces, alternating them so that I get a proper stab at getting them finished.
I managed to do a fair bit of sewing on my egyptian piece as well as playing with my Sony reader, so I've put a new photo up so you can see how far I've got.
Egyptian piece 8 Jan 2011
I can see now how big it is actually going to be as I've got to the top border. If this is just over half of the central image I think I might complete this and do the backstitch on it before I start the 2 side panels. Otherwise I might go mad with so much backstitch to do all at once! How do you plan your projects? Do you finish a large project completely before you do the backstitch, or do you add it as you go along?
I've been sorting through some of my photos of older projects, and will start adding them to the site here so you can get a feel for the type of things I like doing. Here's one I've got hanging on my landing outside our bedroom to get the ball rolling.

Wedding anniversary 2000
Keep stitching and come back soon?


Niina said...

It is gorgeus!

Terri said...

Great progress Sandie :) also that is a cute finish. :)

chrisstitches said...

I love your Egyptian piece as that stuff fascinates me.
I also love the 50th wedding piece. beautiful work. keep up the excellent work & progress.
chris b from ccs