Friday, 21 January 2011

I don't want another week like this!

Evening everyone.
Hope your week has been better than mine?

My daughter rang on Tuesday to say that our grand daughter wasn't well, and the GP had suggested she took her to the paediatrician. That was at lunchtime - she sat around in A & E until 8pm (with a screaming baby) when they admitted her to a ward. Finally at 1am they decided she had a urinary infection, so set up a drip with antibiotics. Two days later (after no more antibiotics & severe diarrhoea) they decided it was an e-coli infection. She was given more antibiotics last night and seems a little better today, but a prem baby does not need those days without extra fluids! Luckily my DD is an ex health care worker, so she knows the right questions to ask! We have just heard that the Consultant wants her on iv antibiotics for another 48 hours so it will be at least Monday before she''s home.

As a result I couldn't settle to much stitching this week, but I did get some more of my stocking done.
You can see that I've managed to get most of the previously blank area filled in with the Light Effect thread, so now I'm able to stitch it as I go.

Also this week I've been battling to get an answer about a possible repair to my Slice diecutting machine. It uses SD cards with designs on, and suddenly it has stopped recognising cards one day, and the same card put in 10 minutes later - it sees it! I bought it via QVC UK in May 2009, so it's out of warranty - hence the aggravation. QVC can't get me a reply from their supplier about what to do, so today I contacted the parent company - Making Memories in US. They have at least responded to me - but the bad news is I have to send it to US for them to take a look, repair if required and I have to pay postage both ways as well as the cost of the repair! They have NO UK or European dealers who are authorised to repair them!

Still enough of a rant - I think an early night is called for! Along with a G & T (the tonic purely for cramp eh?)
Keep smiling

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Adorable scenery....waiting for the penguin?