Wednesday, 26 September 2018

I AM here ... Somewhere!!

Well the unforseen fairy struck again! I'll make this a short "lifestyle" blog, and come back later to do a crafty one. Hopefully I can keep my brain intact long enough to do that!

So many months have elapsed, but the good news is that I have had my mastectomy and my surgeon told me that he is confident he has removed everything. However he discovered 7 tumours ranging in size from 4mm to 22mm as well as 3 out of 13 lymph nodes being tested positive for cancer. Having got over the shock of that quantity, we talked over next steps, and decided that their recommended course of progress was in my best interests. So I had an appointment with an oncologist to discuss those next steps.

As a result I have a pre chemo chat due on 1st October to be followed by my first session of chemo the next day. I have been told of all the possible side effects, but probably the worst one for most breast cancer patients is the loss of hair. So I have been busy researching how to make chemo hats and caps, I've found a few patterns and hopefully today I can make a start on that.

There have been so many friends and people who have backed me in this journey - both real and virtual friends. I have been sent cards, emails, Facebook messages, heart shaped cushions (to pop under your arm when sleeping), and and knitted knockers. I even made myself a couple of those too! They look a bit like knitted pyramids, stuffed with fibrefill. And they are so comfy to wear. Then today I received a card from a friend, which mirrors the strapline from my email. "When Life gives you Rain - put on your Wellies and Play in the Puddles"

He certainly lifted my spirits this morning when he arrived.

So I shall end this short update, and hopefully be back soon with a post about my "normal" crafts!
Until then - take care and hug the ones you love
Sandie XXX

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Kim Hornsby said...

Well done, Sandie. And I love the little piggie in his wellies.