Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'm a winner!!

After posting about Ruth's giveaway in my last post, I was astounded today to discover I'm a winner of the $10 card for 123 stitch! So I'll have to head on over and see which pattern/kit comes to the top of my wish-list!

I've been slowly grinding away at my November stitch from the Joan Elliott diary stitchalong. Here's today's photo.

I've been stitching a bit more today, and have finished the 2 fairies at the bottom, Apart from a few butterflies and a lot of leaves (!) this ones nearly ready for the backstitch, then I'm going to move on to ???? Not sure. As I'm half a month ahead - I've done four months' pictures now - I might put a bit of solid work onto my cheetah. I think it must be feeling neglected as I've put in barely more than 2 lengths of thread since the beginning of the year! So watch out for progress on that one I think. 

Take care and keep smiling no matter what the weather does - I'm cold and fed up of winter now - can someone please turn up the thermostat!!

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Deb said...

Congrats on winning the gift card! On november already? You are quick!