Sunday, 21 April 2013

Beautiful day!

Today has been the first day this Spring, when I've felt it was warm enough to get out into the garden and do some long-needed tidying. I've managed to fill 3 garden rubbish bags, and nearly 2 of those are full of dead leaves from my Cordeline which sits on one side. I also pulled up the clematis which dies back every year (didn't know that when I bought it), and after 4 years it only reached 4 foot high last year. So I decided that I will replace it - this time I'm trying a passion flower. I also cut down my vine last year which was lovely, but made so much mess if you left the grapes too long. Two years ago we were away when the starlings descended en masse and stripped it bare of grapes in a week! It was like a scene from Hitchcock's "The Birds"!
Once I have managed to get all the way round I'll post an update picture of both my front and back gardens. Neither of them are large, but as I am the only one who goes out there to tidy, it's plenty big enough for me to manage normally. We had a local celebrity gardener (Sven Wombwell) design and build them both for us, so I REALLY have to keep them looking good!

What else have I been up to?

My sewing machine got a bit of a run-out last week as I sat down and made a few things for Jess. We were going to see them last Tuesday, and I'd promised my DD that I'd make her a couple of things. Here's what I came up with -
 An apron with elastic in the top and hook and loop fastening so she can do it up herself.

 Summer dress - with a few rows of machine embroidery around the skirt to brighten it up

 Tunic top. I wish I'd had more of this fabric - I got a fat quarter at a show last year, and it was the last one. It's full of references to "Grandma"! This tunic crosses over at the back, so does away with the need for fastenings. I think I'll make this again as it was a fairy easy make and looks quite sweet.

Cross stitch has been progressing, although not as fast as I wanted it to. I'm finally getting round to the backstitch, so as it's close to being finished I'll wait and show it completed next time.

My knitting - THAT cable shrug is slowly progressing. I'm back to about halfway down the second sleeve, so probably where I was when I had to rip it all back two months ago! So FINALLY I feel like it's progressing again. I tend to knit this in the evening while I'm watching tv, so I do about an hour or so each night - if I can stay awake long enough that is!!

I heard from Ruth that she's organised my $10 credit with, so watch this space when I reveal next time what I'm going to get!! 

Until next time
take care


Meari said...

Those are CUTE sewing projects! Love the little apron and dress the best.

Deb said...

Wonderful sewing projects!