Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Good weekend

Hi all
we had a nice weekend - apart from the weather that is!
Yesterday my daughter, her husband and grand daughter came down to see us. The five-year old daughter of a friend of hers had invited Jessica to her birthday party, which was in Clacton-on-Sea, so as I was going too (I'm friends with the 5 year old's grandma), we all went together. We had a good time with all the kids, and then they came back to ours for dinner before heading home. We got some pics of Jessica on my rag quilt too!
Jessica on my first quilt
The mum of the 5 year old is the one who's expecting in July so I thought I'd better make a start on her birth sampler - just in case! So I spent a couple of evenings making a start and it's going quite well. I just hope that the colours don't look TOO blue when it's done? They are the sort of violet blue shades, but I hope it doesn't look too boyish when it's done.


Erika didn't see my flower fairy quilt that I'm making - I'm trying to keep it as a complete surprise for her until it's finished, but I'm so pleased with how it's turning out! I've managed to complete 2 rows of the fairy panels now, so here it is. She hasn't got internet access at the moment so there's no chance of her seeing this in advance! But don't tell her if you see her will you?
The edges look a little off-square, but I think that's just my photography! I've been doing a bit on the stocking too, but as my camera battery just died on me (all those photos of Jessica yesterday!) I'll have to post that later on. I'm going to rotate back to my Egypt piece this week as I feel the need to get it moving again after all the frogging I did last time I picked it up!

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chrisstitches said...

cute Jessica, the sampler you are making & the next project.