Thursday, 14 April 2016

Off again soon!

Right - for those of you wondering where we are off to this time I'll keep you waiting no more.

This weekend we are flying with Virgin America to Los Angeles, and then onto Ruby Princess for yet another Hawaiian cruise!
Hopefully we will get some wonderful weather and warmth. I am so fed up with being cold!

So I will not be updating this blog until after we get back, when I'll try to post a few photos of our trip. We keep thinking that this might be our last long haul flight - it's 11 hours in a plane from Heathrow. We have upgraded our seats to Premium Economy - more leg room and wider seats to mention just two advantages!

So I have spent the last couple of days inundated with washing and ironing. The two cases we are taking are almost packed, but I will have to repack, as I need to split his and hers clothes between the two cases - just in case! I will never forget the sinking feeling when our cases were left behind at Sydney Airport when we flew on to Auckland to catch a cruise liner there. Luckily our bags turned up before we were due to board the ship, but that sinking feeling that we might be in the clothes we stood up in for days was frightening. Now if the clothes are mixed in each case and one disappears en route, at least we would both have changes of clothes for a few days!

What I do have to do is sort out my stitching bag to take with me. I've made a new lined project bag (following the video by The Twisted Stitcher for guidance). I've decided that I am going to take a couple of mini kits which came as free gifts on magazines for the flights, but I'm going to pack Brooke's Advent Animal freebies so that I can catch up. I have finished up to number 18, so I have the rest printed off and the colours sorted for them. I'm also packing one of Brooke's angels - or maybe one of her little witches - just in case I get everything else finished!

By the way I'm slowly getting my disastrous Fairy Grandmother frogged, and I have marked on the fabric exactly where I should start next time! But I am delaying starting it again until after we come home.

So I'm off into the wide blue yonder shortly, and I'll catch up with you all soon.
Take care until then


Deb said...

Have a great holiday!

Faith... said...

Enjoy your trip Sandie! I look forward to seeing your pictures when you get back.

When you are in LA you will only be 8 hours from me ;) Only a day away...

Kimberly Goins said...

Enjoy your cruise get lots of rest, relaxation, and stitching in!!!I can't wait for your update when you return!

Pamela Redfern said...

Sandie, I do hope you have enjoyed your cruise and will come back to your blog. Believe gets reviews!! Some people just like to read and not leave a comment. Do post pictures of the cruise and also pictures of your stitchy adventures!! We all would like to see them....and don't forget I would like to enjoy some of the patterns off your swap or pay page! hugs, queeny