Monday, 14 March 2016

A quick catch-up

Morning everyone! The sun has finally found its way through the clouds here and although at present my garden looks a mess, it is heart-warming to look out and see blue skies.

Our latest plan for the garden involves a large roll of astroturf! Not a football pitch sized piece, but too big for DH and I to manage between us. So this morning we had a visit from a gardener, who is going to give us a quote to lay it for us. We had a beautiful awning put up a few weeks ago, and with the astroturf laid across what was our patio, it should make the garden really good in time for summer. I'll save the pics until it's all complete rather than the mess it looks now!
This is what it looked like one night recently!

On the stitching front I am pleased to have 3 pieces which have finally not only been completed - but made into finished articles! The two sugar skulls have been made into cushions for my daughter and her husband. She really wanted a sugar skull, and I stitched this on last year's holiday to Egypt, but I never made it up. As her husband is a fan of the Star Wars movies, I made up the second one and decided to create two large cushions for them.
Shown on my bed!

I also completed the Ursula Michael Let's Unicorn. This is for my granddaughter who is MAD for My Little Pony. I made up the tote bag using a new fabric tote which I had never used as the lining.

Hopefully she can either use it to take her outfit to dance classes or maybe to Rainbows, which she started recently. Even if she only uses it to keep her collection of ponies in, it will be great! As we are driving over to see them today, I shall take them as alternative Easter presents - of the non-chocolate variety!

Better go now - things to do before we get the car out for our trip to our daughter. 

Take care


JoAnn McLaughlin said...

Excellent I love you unicorn tote beautiful

JoAnn McLaughlin said...

Excellent I love you unicorn tote beautiful

Faith... said...

Beautiful garden! Can't wait to see more pictures of it! LOVE your finishes; they look awesome. I am sure the grandkids will love them too.

Jutta said...

I love your blog, Sandie, the older cross stitches are beautiful!
Hugs from Berlin, Jutta

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

All three are great designs! Where did you get the sugar skull stormtrooper? I love it!

The unicorn will be perfect for Rainbows too.