Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I'm trying a test post!

Afternoon everyone
I've tried really hard to clean up this blog, and hoping it might now have worked! Please do let me know if you get any strange messages popping up!

In the meantime I've been posting on my other blog (newly created) - http://grandmasplaceinthecountry.blogspot.co.uk/ If you hop over there to have a nosey round, please let me know if you can't leave a comment as I've had a comment to my email today that it wouldn't allow postings! NO PEACE FOR THE WICKED EH??

In the meantime I happened across a giveaway for some goodies on Karen's blog -
I hope you'll hop over and give her a look too.

Best wishes


Pam in IL said...

Seems to be working for me!

Sandie said...

Thanks Pam - other have still reported a problem!