Friday, 26 October 2012

Tigermum's EARLY Wipocalypse update October

Evening everyone!

It's getting colder here, and with the news of price rises from our energy companies I've finally brought out the jumpers rather than turning the heating up a few degrees! Have to save the pennies now we're both officially pensioners you know!

What have I been up to? Well - read on -

Egypt - it's actually beginning to feel like I might get this one done by my self-imposed deadline of my birthday in November - TWO years after I started it. Here's the photo I took last night as I finished the mini hieroglyphs above the last two figures.

Now I just have the final hieroglyph band above them to do - so I'm looking to do that during the afternoons - before the light gets too bad each day.

I've started with some of the wool I bought at the show. I'm trying out a pattern for fingerless gloves - I followed blindly, and if I was to knit them again there are some changes I'd make to it. For a start I think the 4 garter stitches at either end of the row should be cut to 2 stitches. After the rib rows the pattern tells you to make 3 rows of garter stitch - why? It doesn't make sense to have that just below the cable pattern. But as long as I knit the second mitt the same as the first it won't really matter! But the wool is lovely and soft - it's called Sublime - a bamboo and pearls dk - something I haven't used before. It would be perfect for baby and toddler clothes too.

All the rest of the items I had on my original WIPocalypse list are still there - glaring at me as I type! But AFTER Egypt I'll pick one to get going on again. How are you doing with your UFO's?? Drop me a line and let me know?

Here's my contribution for Hallowe'en -
This is a Pocket Dragon figurine I collected a few years ago. They were produced by someone called Real Musgrave, but are no longer available. I think they are really cute!

Dinner calls - and I need to get settled in with those gloves for the evening!



DUSTY said...

Egypt is looking great. You go girl !! You may meet your deadline after all. The fingerless glove is going to be good for the cold weather. I like the color and the pattern of the yarn. The Halloween dragons are cute !!

Meari said...

The figurines *are* cute! Your Egyptian project looks great. I only really have a couple UFO's and I'm working on getting them finished up. Love the fingerless goves you're working on... both the color and design.

SoCal Debbie said...

I'm sure you'll finish Egypt by your birthday. It looks fantastic! I love your fingerless gloves. The Pocket Dragons are adorable, perfect for Halloween!