Sunday, 18 March 2012

Checking in - Mother's Day

Hi all, just to let you know that we're back in the land of the living - a Far East cruise is exciting, but EXHAUSTING! We haven't even looked at photos yet, but must have about 1,500 to sort through when we're both feeling better. Yes - with temps ranging from -13C to +32C and a boat full of people coughing and sneezing everywhere, it was inevitable that we caught some bug or another! DH was full of cold and sore throat for the last days of the cruise and I managed to come down with it on the last day - an overnight flight from Singapore when you're blocked up with cold is no fun let me tell you!

Anyway when we get a bit more sorted I'll post a few pics so you can join in the vicarious fun of travel! I'll also try and get a photo or two of what I've been working on while we were away, and of a very special present which we bought in China - no clues except that it's VERY special!

On Mother's Day (in the UK) I just have to add a quick word to my Mum. She died many years ago; my own daughter was small, so Mum never got to have the privilege of being called Great Grandma. Most of my friends are in a similar situation where their own mothers have died. But we all agree that no matter how long ago it was, today is the day that we all wish they were still around for us to call and wish a "Happy Mother's Day". Mothers can be awkward; they can be determined; they can be exasperating or domineering; they can be loving; they can be interfering. But above all they are the one person we could turn to no matter what who would love and support us through anything.
I still miss my Mum. When she died they lived over 200 miles away from us, and I never got to say a final goodbye to her; but when Mother's Day comes around I always make a silent prayer that she forgave me that oversight.

With love to Mothers everywhere - even if it's NOT Mother's Day where you are.

Love and sniffles!

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