Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A PROPER finish!

Well, I've finally made it - my christmas stocking is well and truly FINISHED!!!

I put the last stitch into the actual cross stitch in September, and it's taken me this long to figure out how I was going to make it up. It's completely lined with the same fabric (pale blue) and I put in some wadding so that it's quite nice and "squishy" too.
We are going to collect Erika and Jessica on Friday morning to bring them to our house overnight. One of Erika's best friends lives nearby and she is celebrating her 30th birthday. Her husband has arranged a surprise party for her, so Erika is coming down for that. On Saturday Tony will be coming down to collect them and take them home, so we'll only have to make the trip once. But while they're here I think I'll give the stocking to them so that they don't go buying one for her nearer to Christmas. It also means I might get a nice photo of her with it! Grandma perks eh?

I think that at the moment it's almost as big as she is!

So as this is the first time she's been here since she's been crawling, I'd better get moving and clear the decks of anything she's likely to try and get into! Been a long time since a "crawler" has been here so it might take a while!

Good luck everyone for YOUR finishings!


meli.mrtz said...

I love the stocking! I just started on 1 for one of my daughter's. I had looked around for quite a while before I found the perfect 1 for her. How long did it take you to stitch?

Cleejoow said...

job well done, looks really stunning!

Jennifer Wright said...

adorable!! great work!

Nancy said...

The stocking is absolutely beautiful. I love how you finished it.

Meari said...

What a beautiful stocking!! Well done.

Joy said...

Is it finally finished? It looks great. I remember when you started it.

MaryT said...

Sandie so very cute, love both of the stockings.
Mary Louise in IN

Shelley said...

Those stockings look amazing!! I am so taken by how awesome they are. I never would have thought to extend the fabric around the stitched design the way you did. Congrats on the wonderful finishes :)

Ivana said...

This is wonderful!! Could you please tell me where I can get a pattern? I would love to make one for my son.
This is my first visit to your blog and I like it very much. I am sure I will be back again. :-)
Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Sandie said...

@ Ivana
They came from x st mags here in Uk a while ago. If you would be interested, send me an email to tiger.doyle@googlemail.com and I'll sort out something for you. The actual stocking pattern was made up out of my head!