Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A New Kit

I've just received a new kit in the post. I decided that I wanted an animal kit to act as a souvenir for our South Africa trip, and as we spent half a day at a cheetah park, that seemed the ideal animal. Here's one of my pictures from that day.

I found a lovely kit on this site - Yiota's cross stitch and today it arrived. This is what it should look like when finished!

The kit package came first class post - and was in a hard-backed envelope so that it didn't get squashed. There is a copy of the photo on the front page, quite small, but it does give you a reference. The two A3 pages of the pattern are printed on good quality paper - it looks like an original not a photocopy, so the print is very clear. The Madeira threads supplied come on quite substantial card bobbins, all with the shade number printed on each. (The pattern does give DMC shade numbers as well as the Madeira ones).

The only fabric option is Aida 14ct. When I asked a question about a choice of fabric I was told that currently in order to keep costs down, Aida is the only fabric option. There is also a needle in the kit, but it comes in the fabric - so make sure you open the pack and take it out if you don't intend to stitch it straight away otherwise it might mark the fabric.
When you look on their site, there is an option to purchase only the pattern which can be downloaded at a lower cost too. So if you prefer to stitch on other fabric choices, maybe that would be the better option? All in all it looks a good value for money kit, but it will have to be put to one side until I get my Potter sampler finished at least!

On Yiotas' site they do offer overseas postage, so their kits are available world-wide if you want to give them a try. And they also have a selecton of freebies so that you can try out some of their patterns. Those freebies are sent to you in an email, and if you have a problem downloading any, a return email will alert them to any issues, and it wil be sent separately.

I'll keep you all informed when I start it and how I get on.


SoCal Debbie said...

That's a perfect kit to remember your vacation! Thanks for the link to the new website too!

chrisstitches said...

Love the photo & your kit.
chris b

Meari said...

Sounds like a decent kit. I couldn't get the link to the website to work, though.