Saturday, 5 February 2011

A GREAT week this time!

Hi all
On Thursday this week I heard that I've won £120 of DoCrafts goodies in a prize draw. They were posted out yesterday, so when they get here I'll post a picture of them all.
Then on Friday I had a phone call from QVC. I've had an on-going battle/discussion about my Slice die-cutter which is 18months old and had developed a fault with the card reader. When I contacted Making Memories (the manufacturer) they told me I'd have to pack it up, send it to US and pay for them to investigate if there was a fault before they'd tell me if it could be repaired. As it was out of their warranty I was prepared for it in some way, but wasn't too keen on the costs involved in shipping it to the US but they didn't have a way to investigate the problem here in the UK! When I contacted QVC, they contacted their distributor, and QVC have agreed not only that they will take it up with Making Memories, but they are sending me a BRAND NEW machine (complete with a hands free kit) at the original price!
Maybe I should go out an buy a lottery ticket today too!
My egyptian piece is coming on; I've been working on it slowly this week.
And then I finished this cute topper for a card - my first 2011 finish!

Hope everyone else has a good week


pseudonz said...

The Egyptian is looking beautiful, and congrats on getting your diecutter sorted out!

Terri said...

Great stitching I'm glad you got the die cutter straightened out. And yes buy a lotto ticket.

chrisstitches said...

Congrats on the exciting...also love the Egyptian piece & Paddington Bear.

Niina said...

You lucky lady! Can I participate to your lottery ticket? LOL!